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Don’t make the mistake of assuming files need to be made of physical materials like paper to be worth organizing. Digital files like documents, photos, and spreadsheets may not take up limited physical space, but failing to organize them efficiently can still cost you a fortune in wasted time and effort. The key to success lies in how you name those files.

In this video, professional photographer Michael Greco shares his tried and true filing system for keeping countless digital images, client records, and documents organized to perfection. He not only shares his simple, easy naming system, but explains how you can apply it to physical storage items like flash drives, storage drives, and discs as well.

Best File Naming System

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Quicker Identification Through Naming

Far too many professionals make their filing systems up as they go along, simply assuming they’ll be able to remember what they put where. That may work for the short term, but not the long term, especially after you’ve been in business for many years or multiple decades. Follow Greco as he teaches you:

  • How to use the metadata function available for Excel sheets, Word docs, Adobe Photoshop files, and more to your optimal advantage
  • How to create concise but detailed file names that tell you everything you need to know about a file at a glance.
  • Why underscores are better than spaces, pound signs, or any other alternatives for separating words in your file names.
  • A fail-safe way for not only labeling your external hardware, but for knowing what’s on it at a glance without having to actually open it.

Greco also presents an easy to follow action plan for making sure your files stay readable into the foreseeable future, even after numerous software upgrades and system updates. Put his system to work for you today and find out what a big difference a little organization can make.

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