A Guide to Work Management

How to Best Get Work Organized at Your Business

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Many people have used or at least seen project management practices used in the workplace. Project management typically refers to achieving work-related goals that have a specified completion date and a single goal.

However, given that most organizations are constantly working on a variety of projects, the term work management has gained popularity recently. Work management refers to the ongoing efforts of an organization to manage its workflows and workloads to enable it to achieve its operational objectives as efficiently as possible.

Work management is used to integrate processes such as the following:

  • Scheduling work
  • Efficiently using company assets and resources
  • Performance evaluation
  • Satisfying customer needs

Effective work management leads to improvements in business flexibility and boosts a company’s performance. It also reduces redundancy and waste and enables companies to operate more efficiently.

Work Management in Action

Effective Work Management

Just about every business performs the functions included within work management, however, each business typically has specific processes or procedures that it approaches in its own way. For instance, a manufacturing firm is likely to focus on processes related to factory floor management, while an accounting firm would be more focused on managing personnel schedules and meeting client-driven deadlines.

The following processes are typically covered by work management practices:

  • Time management
  • Process management
  • Business intelligence
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Client relationship management
  • Task management
  • Collaboration

The key objective of work management is integrating the various functions used by a company to conduct its business into a cohesive system. By doing so, the company bolsters its ability to perform its core functions, improving the overall efficiency of its operations and boosting its productivity.

Distinguishing Work Management from Project Management

While project management typically features a specified objective and limits related to time span and scope, work management is an ongoing endeavor with repetitive work where success is defined by the general goal of achieving growth, rather than achieving a specific objective. Teams formed for project management purposes usually feature complementary skills and are ad hoc, formed on an as-needed basis, while work management teams display more continuity and typically possess overlapping skill sets.

A primary reason that project management is not the most appropriate framework for ongoing operations is the rigidity associated with project management workflow, which is designed to complete individual projects rather than to handle achieving overarching objectives. Work management processes, on the other hand, are better suited for handling tasks aimed at achieving your company’s overall operating goals.

Work management is an ongoing endeavor defined by the goal of achieving growth, rather than a specific objective.Tweet it

Work Management Tools

To deal with the multiplicity of tasks that must be performed in modern organizations, in many cases a variety of software solutions are used. These tools may not be optimized to communicate with other software used by your firm, creating data silos that cause redundancies that can lead to operational inefficiencies. These silos impede collaboration between team members and make it more difficult for them to complete tasks efficiently. When multiple applications are used by your employees to complete tasks, switching between these tools can disrupt workflows, creating inefficiencies in the process.

Work management software helps boost communication between team members collaborating on a task or project, enabling them to avoid the inefficiencies caused by data silos. Utilizing software tools of this type allows you to avoid the difficulties of dealing with a multitude of unintegrated software programs which cause roadblocks in your processes.

Work management tools come in a variety of forms, including comprehensive collaboration platforms and solutions for individual work management. They are typically horizontally structured, functioning across departments and bringing together a variety of functions throughout an organization. They can help foster cross-departmental endeavors and boost team performance by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with switching between a variety of tools to complete a task or project.

Will Work Management Help My Business?

The intent of the work management approach is to enable collaboration throughout an organization, eliminating the barriers to cross-departmental cooperation that can occur when a siloed approach is taken to task completion. By expanding on the project management approach, work management enables companies to optimize their overall operations instead of having to recreate the wheel each time one project is completed and a new one begins. The flexibility at the heart of work management enables it to encompass all workflows within your company, allowing you to reduce the inefficiencies typically associated with redundancies within your workflows.

Work management software can replace and consolidate existing business tools, helping to minimize the confusion that can result from switching from tool to tool to try and complete a task or process. Moving to a work management approach can provide your firm with significant productivity benefits, but such a commitment should not be undertaken lightly.

To effectively adopt a work management framework, you will need to comprehensively examine your existing processes to identify where they fall short from an efficiency standpoint. After performing this analysis, the next step is to evaluate work management tools to find the one best suited to helping your company implement and maintain a work management approach. It may take some time to train your employees to effectively use such a system, but once they have become adept at it there is the potential for substantial productivity gains to be realized from applying a work management process to your operations.

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