What Great Leaders Actually Do

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Whether you’re the head of your own company or just want to be better at living your everyday life, leaders can be anyone and exist anywhere. However, there’s a big difference between what people think leaders do that sets them apart and what they actually do. In this video, Brendon of Brendon.com goes over the “Six E’s” of standout leadership.

What Great Leaders Do

  1. Leaders envision.

Real leaders focus on potential when they look to the future. They picture a better world than the one they’re living in, and they want to help make that vision a reality.

  1. Leaders enlist.

A leader’s vision doesn’t belong to him and him alone. Making the world of the future a better place to be doesn’t start and stop with him. He knows it’s a team effort and he’s focused on inspiring others to become part of the movement.

  1. Leaders embody.

A leader is someone who lives his life with integrity. He practices what he preaches and shows people with his actions what it means to work hard and stand for something.

  1. Leaders empower.

 Leaders are absolute aces at helping others reach their full potential as well. They make sure their team members and followers have everything they need at their disposal to succeed.

  1. Leaders evaluate.

Evaluating team performance and giving honest feedback may not be easy for everyone, but they’re vital aspects of being a good leader who maximizes potential and realizes visions.

  1. Leaders encourage.

True leaders lift others up, cheer them on, and motivate them to not only be their best, but to keep persevering when the going gets rough. They also know that the harder things get, the more important encouragement becomes.

As this video will show you, leadership really does follow a formula that’s learnable and executable. Master it for yourself today, and step into your bright new future!

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