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GDPR Software Reviews


Personal data protection and governance solution that enables PIA automation, data mapping, data access tracking, and GDPR compliance.


TrustArc powers GDPR compliance and risk management with integrated technology, consulting services and a TRUSTe GDPR Validation, addressing all phases of GDPR program management. The TrustArc Data Privacy Management Platform provides the technol…

Aircloak Insights

Aircloaks patented technology is a solution for data anonymization and allows new insights to be gained from data with very little effort. As an on-premise proxy it is extremely easy to install, requires no knowledge of anonymization to set up or…


Consentric allows you to manage customer consent and permissions aligned with GDPR, tailored to your business and underpinned by a comprehensive audit trail. Essential for marketing, CRM managers, compliance and IT.

Exterro GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance solution designed to simplify searching, mapping, and managing personal data across your organization.

GDPR Manager

Online self-service tool for compliance with the GDPR legislation.

GDPR Software

The system is designed to help your organization through the GDPR compliance process and completion of the questionnaires make the company take a stance on all relevant aspects of the regulation. Following this, the gap analysis clarifies areas w…

MetricStream GDPR Compliance

MetricStream offers a comprehensive GDPR compliance solution that helps you align business objectives with data privacy, security, and governance, while making it easy to prioritize steps towards complying with GDPR. The solution enables a risk-b…

Nymity ExpertPIA

Privacy management solution that gives privacy offices and businesses powerful rules engine to automate DPIAs and PIAs.

Privacy HUB

A data privacy platform that complies with GDPR regulations and manages data privacy risks through web, social and mobile devices.


Compliance management software for SMEs that prepares your compliance project and provides online monitoring.

SureCloud GDPR Suite

Streamline the way you manage GDPR compliance requirements and processes with the suite of cloud-based applications.


Security accreditation management system that helps organizations comply with information security regulations.