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Data Protection Software Reviews


PrivacyPerfect provides a natural flow between the three administrations required by the GDPR: DPIA, processing activities and data breaches. The software supports meeting controller and processor obligations, fulfilling data subject rights, and …

ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a unified AD, Exchange, Skype for Business, G Suite, and Office 365 management solution to simplify tasks such as provisioning users, cleaning up stale accounts, and managing NTFS and share permissions. It also offers over 150 b…

Delphix for GDPR

Data governance solution that helps your organization fulfill GDPR requirements by managing access policies, identifying and masking confidential data.

Agility GDPR

To reduce paper handling and ease the burden of manual transactions, the Agility GDPR software has been specially designed by experienced compliance and Data Protection professionals to ensure all actions are centrally controlled within the one s…

Aircloak Insights

Aircloaks patented technology is a solution for data anonymization and allows new insights to be gained from data with very little effort. As an on-premise proxy it is extremely easy to install, requires no knowledge of anonymization to set up or…


Consentric allows you to manage customer consent and permissions aligned with GDPR, tailored to your business and underpinned by a comprehensive audit trail. Essential for marketing, CRM managers, compliance and IT.