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The cloud has become an increasingly popular tool for corporate marketing efforts. By enabling you to manage a number of campaigns simultaneously, it offers the ability to significantly scale your cloud marketing campaigns without spending a fortune. You can use marketing automation tools provided by SaaS (Software as a Service) apps operating in the cloud to efficiently manage your campaigns much more easily than if you had to coordinate them via traditional methods such as using email and phone calls.

Stick to Your Content Calendar

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To effectively market in the cloud, a content calendar is invaluable. The spread of internet marketing has enabled organizations to significantly increase their marketing activities, given the reduced expense of many forms of web marketing compared to traditional marketing options such as television or newspaper ads. However, keeping track of a multitude of web-based marketing efforts can be a difficult task. This is where your content calendar comes in.

Your calendar should provide a meticulously detailed list of all planned and ongoing content activities. It should be designed to enable collaboration, so different members of a team working on a project can make changes and view anticipated publication items and dates. This saves the time that would otherwise be spent by team members emailing back and forth to find out when a particular assignment is due or expected to be published.

Make sure the following is included in your content calendar:

  • The nature of the content (blog post, white paper, tweet, etc.)
  • The subject of the content
  • Relevant dates:
    • First draft
    • Edited version
    • Final draft
    • Publication date
  • Additional information or notes

Make the Most of SaaS

While the cloud makes internet marketing on a broad scale possible, the software that enables this, primarily SaaS (Software as a Service) apps, is not always easy to use. To get the most out of your SaaS tool, it is imperative that you take the time to learn the ins and outs of using it. These tools typically offer templates that can be used to speed up the process of creating cloud marketing material. They also often provide tools that enable you to easily distribute your content, whether via email, social media, or some other platform.

In addition to creating and distributing marketing content, a SaaS app is likely to offer functionality that enables you to analyze the results of your cloudmarketing campaigns by tracking things such as email open rates, click-through rates, and more. Being able to track the performance of your content is crucial to optimizing your efforts. If your analysis shows improvement is needed, you can quickly make the changes indicated by your analysis.

Preparing a visually appealing presentation is another area where your SaaS tool can help your cloud marketing efforts. Many of these tools incorporate a range of formatting and presentation styles that you can choose from when designing marketing content. While the information your content provides is important, the form of your presentation also plays a big part in the success of an internet marketing campaign. Take some time to learn the presentation capabilities your tool offers to make sure your content is as appealing as possible.

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Appoint a Project Leader

Operating in the cloud makes collaboration easy. Different team members can view all phases of a cloud marketing campaign, from design to distribution, and make comments and changes as needed. However, too much collaboration can be just as bad as too little in some cases. If there is no clear leader of your marketing efforts, you risk running muddled campaigns that lack a clear direction or focus.

To avoid this, appoint a project leader for each marketing campaign you run. This allows you to continue to reap the benefits collaboration offers to those marketing in the cloud, while at the same time ensuring that the project doesn’t lose momentum. The project leader should be given the authority to control permissioning protocols in your cloud SaaS marketing tool.

The project manager can decide who should have authority to make what type of changes to marketing materials, publication schedules, and other matters relating to the campaign. This ensures that project participants have access to all relevant data without complicating matters by making unauthorized changes to the project. All project participants don’t necessarily need to see all project details, so the project manager can use the permissioning protocols to determine what data is available to which team members.

Benefit from Collaboration

Cloud marketing software offers plentiful opportunities for collaboration among team members. This is one clear advantage of marketing in the cloud compared to traditional marketing efforts. With cloud SaaS software various personnel can view marketing material and make comments or changes without having to individually call or email other members of the marketing team.

A major advantage of this type of software is its ability to enable remote work. This allows you to source contributions from personnel located in widely dispersed areas. As a result, you can select contributors based on their ability without being limited by location. Cloud marketing tools often have, or interface with apps that have, the ability to support videoconferencing as well as voice or text chat. This enables you to easily communicate with your remote team members wherever they may be.

Enhanced collaboration can not only improve the quality of your marketing material, it can also substantially increase the speed with which you can conduct marketing campaigns. The capability to work remotely along with the ability to make changes and reach consensus without multiple individual conversations or communications having to occur enables you to quickly move from the concept phase to the delivery phase of your marketing campaigns.

Some tips for making the most of collaboration include:

  • Urge team members to contribute their thoughts using your SaaS solution. The more input from team members you get, the better your marketing effort are likely to be.
  • Schedule regular meetings, virtual or in-person: Collaboration is enhanced when team members are able to gather together and share ideas and insights. A regular meeting provides a convenient means of generating insights about your marketing efforts.
  • Reward team effort. Group rewards such as bonuses, prizes, or recognition encourage team members to work together to meet common goals.

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