The Three Step Process for Creating a Productive Working Space

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Home is where the heart is. But your place of business should be where the mind feels productive and engaged. After all, most people spend about a third of their week in the office or at work. And when it comes to getting things done, productivity is the name of the game.

A productive work space can generate numerous benefits. Greater productivity can boost the bottom line, generating higher profits and margins. And more productive, engaged employees are often happier and more likely to succeed in their careers. On the individual level, a conducive work environment can lead to career advancements, pay raises, and everything else that comes with exceptional productivity.

Obviously, the benefits are many. And that’s why we’re going to go over tips for increasing productivity around the office. If you’re looking for personal tips, simply read on. If you want to increase the team’s productivity, why not share this article?

Create a Productive Work Space

First Step: Cut Down on the Clutter

Take a look at your desk (or your employees’ desks). Now ask yourself, “how much of this stuff do I really need?” Yeah, sure a few photos of the family are great, but do you also need that book you’re not reading, and that cup from Disney World, or that gaudy paper weight that’s holding nothing down?

Probably not. A clean, crisp desk helps encourage focus. You’ll feel more professional as well in a clean, organized environment. So examine every item in your work space and ask yourself if you really need it. In other words: does it spark joy?

Second Step: Be Ergonomical

If you want to be economical, you need to be ergonomical. Physical distractions, and worse yet pain, can decrease productivity. No one wants to suffer through pain at work, and if you’re trying to fend off pain, you’re going to struggle focusing.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to increase comfort. Let’s look at some:

  • Get a Supportive Chair- Chairs are perhaps the most important pieces of office furniture. If your chair isn’t providing enough support and cushion, you’ll likely be uncomfortable.
  • Keyboard- Are you using a top-notch keyboard? Many laptops are equipped with subpar keyboards, and many companies load up on cheap standalone keyboards. Huge mistake. A bad keyboard can slow typing speed, and cause arthritis and other issues.
  • Lighting- Many offices are so bright with harsh, yellow light that workers may be tempted to wear sun glasses. Others are so dim that you could strain your eyes just trying to read a note. Find the right, warm balance.
  • Temperature- Speaking of “warm”, is your office too hot or too cold? It’s okay to have an office on the slightly chilly side as it can help people stay awake and fresh. Still, if people are bundling up, things have gone too far. Likewise, a warm office might put people to sleep even if you’re saving a few bucks on the electricity bill.
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There are many other things that may need to be changed as well. Ask yourself if anything is bothering you. Is the chair squeaking? Monitor too tall or bright? Figure out what the individual problems are and then find solutions.

Third Step: Get Organized (and Personalized)

Okay, now that you have a clean and comfortable environment, it’s time to start organizing it. If you have a lot of physical paperwork, you’ll need some sort of filing system. Once you create that system, stick to it like your life depends on it.

Likewise, digital files should also be organized tightly and closely. There are a wide variety of tools, such as messaging platforms, that you can use to clean up digital messages and files. And if your workplace involves a lot of processes, such as brainstorming, creating, reviewing, and finally posting content, there are tools you can use to organize said processes.

Put them to use but don’t stop there. Next, you need to identify other areas that seem unorganized. And then you need to figure out how to organize them. Since individual businesses face so many individualized problems, there’s no one-size fits all solution. Still, where there’s a will there’s a way.

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