Staying On Track to Accomplish Your Career Goals Through the Rest of the Year

How to reach your goals for a long period of time

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We’ve just wrapped up the first quarter of the year. Now’s a great time for self-reflection. Are you on track to accomplish all of your goals this year? If so, great. If not, don’t despair. You’ve still got time to get on track. And even if you don’t accomplish every goal you want to this year, you can build momentum for the next year.

So let’s go over some strategies and methods for setting and accomplishing goals through the new year.

Staying On Track to Accomplish Goals

Define What Your “What” Is

The first thing you need to do is define your “what.” What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you want to position yourself for a promotion? Do you want to get a 10 percent pay increase? Or would you like to move to a new company or firm?

Whatever your what is, define it. The first step to accomplishing a goal is to know what your goal is. Once you have your goals set, you need to treat said goals like a project and you need to implement project management strategies.

Next, Figure Out The How

After you figure what you want to accomplish, you have to figure out the “how” of accomplishing it. It’s easy to set goals. It’s much harder to accomplish those goals. Each goal will require its own approach.

Let’s say you want to secure a promotion. So how can you do that? One way might be to volunteer for new projects and added responsibility. By showing initiative, you could put yourself in a prime position to get promoted.

Figure Out Your Organization’s Timing

Now that you’ve figured yourself out, you need to take a look at your company. Just like you, your company will have goals and a timeline in which they want to accomplish those goals. By knowing what your company’s goals and timelines are, you’ll be able to get yourself in a position to help.

When it comes to locking down a promotion, you should also examine when your company is most likely to hand said promotions out. Often, companies will promote and move staff around only during certain times of the year (barring emergencies, of course).

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Know Your Obstacles

Even with all the planning in the world, obstacles will still emerge. Obstacles can mean many things. Perhaps opportunities simply aren’t there. Maybe you’re already overloaded with work and can’t take on more projects and responsibilities.

By doing an honest accounting of your obstacles, you may be able to shift and move around resources. You may also be able to discover things that are holding you back. Perhaps a certain project or coworker is eating up a lot of your time. Is there a way to offload that work?

Make Sure You Have the Right Team

When it comes to accomplishing goals, you need to have a great team in place. And not only do you need a good team in place, you need the right team. Team members should compliment one another and be able to work together well.

Having young, energetic people is great. However, you also need to have some senior level staff members and mentors on hand to provide guidance. A mix of youth and experience often yields the best teams. Finally, don’t forget the most important thing about team management, it could be the key to success.

Persistence is Key

Okay, now you’ve got your goals and plans in hand. What’s next? You have to strive for those goals. You’re going to suffer setbacks, you are going to experience failure. The key is to be persistent and to never accept defeat. When it comes to accomplishing goals, persistence is often more important than strategies and even execution. So keep your goals in front of you and get to work.

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