Six Things Every New Manager Should Focus On

Pay Attention to These Aspects When Starting Out as a Manager

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For many working professionals, the elevation to that first management position is perhaps the most exciting and biggest step in their career. It’s a sign that they have arrived, that they may indeed be destined for bigger and greater things. However, the jump to management can also be intimidating, and if new managers aren’t careful, they could find themselves overwhelmed.

Fortunately, many great leaders have already come and gone, and we can learn from their past experience. Let’s take a moment to go over some general tips for new managers who want to ensure their and the team’s success.

Remember to listen

You’re the boss. You’re in charge. Generally speaking, what you say, goes. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen. Just the opposite. Excellent managers are bosses who know how to listen, giving directives when needed, but also listening when appropriate. Your team will often have a better awareness of certain issues and topics than you, and they can be a great source of ideas.

Listening will also help you establish an inclusive culture and will encourage people to listen to you. Of course, at times you’ll have to take charge. When necessary, be firm but also acknowledge that you are hearing feedback, even if you have to push forward in a different direction.

Allocate Your Resources Wisely

Excellent managers know how to allocate resources effectively and efficiently beyond the fact that managers are required to communicate productively and have the ability to delegate authority. This goes far deeper than just salaries, budgets, and all the rest. An excellent manager has to know how to put the time and energy of both him/herself and the team to good use. A second lost is a second wasted. Try to map your time to correspond with your highest priorities.

If you find that something is eating up a lot of your time but producing poor results, see if there is a way to either drop the activity or to improve outcomes. Measuring ROI in terms of both money and time is also wise.

Create a Common Vision Driven by Common Goals

Every company has a vision. Every team and manager can create his or her own vision as well. This vision may be heavily based on the company’s vision, or it may be different but complementary. As a manager, the choice is up to you.

When you sit behind that manager’s desk, start thinking about what vision you’d like your team to follow. Do you want to emphasize teamwork and team collaboration? Do you want to reduce in-fighting? Cultivate a vision, and use it to create cohesion among the team. Let them know what you and the team itself stands for.

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Be Ready and Willing to Mentor

The best managers are managers who are on the lookout for workers that can become managers and leaders themselves. A great manager is also someone who is an excellent and willing mentor. A mentor knows how to get the most of those working for them, and also how to cultivate skills.

A mentor not only possesses excellent leadership skills but also knows how to impart them upon others. Make sure you work to get the best out of each and every employee. If and when they are facing challenges, don’t beat them down, instead, try to help them back on their feet.

Communicate and then Communicate Some More

Communication is one of the most vital skills for any manager. One might argue that communication is the most important talent for a good manager. Certainly, it makes the shortlist. It’s vital to learn how to communicate.

It can be tempting to play everything close to the chest. You only need to know what you need to know, right? Managers don’t have to tell their employees everything. However, if a manager creates a secretive, gossipy office/team culture, it’s likely to affect productivity, drive staff away, and decrease engagement.

Admit Your Defeats

No one is perfect. Managers will make mistakes. It’s important to admit them, even if just to yourself, and to learn from them. Managers will continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. Learning on the job and learning from your mistakes will be vital for growing as an individual.

The most famous and successful CEOs had to start somewhere, and often times that was in the trenches. They worked their way up, and many of them made a habit out of learning from their mistakes. By studying where you fall short, you can identify areas for improvement.

If you owe an employee an apology, fess up. Admit to them what you did wrong. It takes a lot of strength and courage to make an apology. Believe it or not, a lot of people will respect you for showing that strength by apologizing.

Conclusion: Your First Management Role Will be a Challenge but You Can Succeed

Anyways, congrats on the promotion! Stepping into a management role will certainly challenge you. However, by approaching this challenge with a sound plan, you will be able to reduce risks while growing as a person and professional.

Remember, you’re human, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll find yourself stressed. When that happens, take some deep breaths, revisit the tips above, and reflect on your specific challenges. What solutions can you formulate? Once found, double down and pursue.

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