Seven Mobile App Development Tools Every Coder Should Consider

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Seems like there’s an app for just about everything these days. The explosion in app development has led to the creation of numerous tools that make developing an app easier than ever before. For developers, this has been a boon.

As tools have been created, developing apps has become easier. This has encouraged even more app developers to bring their products to market. These days, the app space is competitive, but the right app development tools can lower development costs and shorten the entire development process.

Looking to bring your own app to the market? If so, these tools could be a big help.

Software Development Tools

Android Studio

Android StudioAndroid Studio is an official integrated development app offered directly by Google. While Android Studio only helps with developing Android apps, you can use the software on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Android Studio is a rich development tool that will allow you to emulate the Android environment and build apps. You can drag and drop UI components, use template wizards, and test performance with Android Studio.

X Code

X CodeLooking to develop iOS apps? Xcode is one of the best iPhone app development tools available. With Xcode, you’ll be able to develop slick apps with clean code. User interfacing prototyping will allow you to develop easy to use apps, while the coding assistant makes coding easy, or at least as easy as coding can be.

Xcode was developed and is offered by Apple Inc. Unfortunately, Xcode only works on MacOS. There are workarounds, however, getting Xcode to work on Windows and Linux operating systems.


SmartlookWhen it comes to developing a world-class app, it’s vital to use analytics. You need to know how your users are actually using the app. Guesswork simply won’t do.

With Smartlook you can record users and how they are using your app. You can even set up automatic event tracking that will alert you when users perform specific activities. This will allow you to refine your conversion funnel.



Increasingly, app developers are building HTML 5 based mobile apps. These so-called hybrid apps run on traditional web technologies, like CSS, SASS, and HTML 5. While you might think that web based apps will be limited in regards to features, it’s now possible to build feature rich, powerful apps.

With Ionic, web developers can build apps that will work on all major app stores. Best of all, you can use a single code base. Ionic is completely free and is an open source project.


Mobile games are very popular, and numerous app developers have struck it rich with mobile games. Developing mobile games, however, can be rather difficult, especially with traditional app dev tools. That’s where GameMaker comes in.

GameMaker has been designed from the basic code up to cater to the needs of game developers. The tool offers an easy-to-use interface that you can use to manage all of the phases of the game development process.

TestComplete Mobile Testing App

TestComplete Mobile Testing AppWhen it comes to testing apps, Smartbear, the developer behind TestComplete Mobile Testing App, is one of the best names in the business. TestComplete is an automated mobile app testing tool that you can use to manage and run automated GUI tests.

Once you develop your app, it’s vital to test it. If something isn’t working properly, users may abandon your app even if they otherwise like it. Often, the difference between mediocre and great apps comes down to testing. Even great ideas can fail if they aren’t properly tested.

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