Secret to Managing Multiple Employees Across Multiple Locations

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The level of connectivity modern businesses get to enjoy is nothing if not a blessing. Team leaders and business owners can hire talent located anywhere in the world on a full-time, part-time, or freelance basis. However, managing a large team scattered across multiple locations can definitely be a challenge.

In this video, Gitlab CEO, Sid Sijbrandij shares his secrets to managing a large team of 160 people located in 160 different locations. In addition to Sid’s number one tip for success – writing down absolutely everything – you’ll learn the following:

Manage Multiple Employees Across Multiple Locations

  • The importance of building an exceptional company with products and services that totally break the mold using a tried-and-true structure that’s stood the test of time.
  • The story of how Gitlab’s successful structure and way of doing things evolved naturally (and how your company can do the same).
  • How taking extra time out to organize task lists, as well as write them down and distribute them, can help save you a fortune in time, money, and labor. You’ll learn how this is the most effective way to help your team members be the best they can be at their jobs as well.
  • Sid’s tips for handling fundraising effectively, especially when your business is new or leveraging the potential of new technologies and methods.
  • Which characteristics and personality traits make someone well-suited for working remotely (or not). You’ll also learn how you can fine-tune your management strategy to make up for things some people might miss about a traditional working environment.
  • Sid’s tried and true advice on how you can grow your business using a similar model.
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Successfully managing a team that’s 100% remote isn’t impossible. It simply calls for an effective management strategy and action plan that takes distance into account. Get started today and help your remote team reach its full potential!

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