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For being a new product in the crowded project management software market, Nuvro has already started collecting recognition and awards including a coveted 100% User Satisfaction Rating on FinancesOnline as well as an 8 of 10 overall rating and two additional awards:

We’re proud to have earned this valuable recognition from one of the largest and most trusted software review services online. A few specific aspects of Nuvro that factored into these awards include:

Streamlined Onboarding

One of the biggest pains people experience when changing project management platforms or web collaboration software is the learning curve, not only for the one who chooses and tests the software but for every team member who has to use it. Nuvro benefits people shopping around for a new project management tool by completely eliminating this learning curve. Nuvro does not attempt to reinvent workflow, using Nuvro for the first time is easy, fast and intuitive. Inviting team members and guests only takes a couple of seconds and requires no effort to train.

Simple Interface

Nuvro can appear deceptively simple. Everything is clean and clear when you first start and remains surprisingly so as you go. Working on one project with two team members is as clean and simple as it is working on a hundred projects with dozens of team members. As stated in the FinancesOnline research, Nuvro places all priorities in view while all noise is kept away until needed. As for managers, Nuvro makes it easy to stay on top of everything and everyone, without having to dedicate blocks of time. You can easily glance at well-organized charts, calendars and lists to see who is doing what, when, their workload levels, their time to completion, their performance over time and much more.

Affordable yet Premium Software

Nuvro is especially useful for small businesses who want the power of premium tools but can’t justify the high prices. With a low $7/mo Nuvro pricing per user, people can get in without losing an arm and a leg. There are no user minimums. Compare this with other popular tools with average in the door costs starting at $60 per month. And businesses can add and remove user accounts at-will, without the typical required bundles. If you need 7 users, you don’t need to pay for 10. Nuvro solves the problem of small businesses having to pay high prices to use advanced features.

We’re proud to have earned these accolades from FinancesOnline and hope it helps in your decision to try Nuvro to help organize your own business.

Nuvro is a robust online project management tool that helps managers and business owners to keep track of their activities with ease. With Nuvro you can gain control and peace of mind over all of your projects, tasks, team members, workload and everything else important to your company. In addition to the project, task and collaboration features found in most PM tools, Nuvro also provides a company dashboard, a team dashboard, team member performance reviews, secure document management, an internal alternative to email and more. Nuvro is perfect for busy teams looking to accomplish more. Learn More…

Nuvro Makes Project Management Easy.

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