Managing Virtual Teams to Success

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Managing a virtual team effectively definitely comes alongside its share of unique challenges, but it’s more like managing a traditional team than you might think. The key to success is allowing for plenty of connection and communication. A connected team that communicates well is a power team that gets things done. In this video, Sue B. Zimmerman goes over how she makes sure her virtual team stays cohesive and successful.

Managing Virtual Teams

Frequent Communication

When managing a virtual team, the more frequent the communication, the better. You’ll learn why short daily meetings (around 20 minutes or so) are actually a lot more effective than longer weekly or biweekly meetings when it comes to keeping people on the same page. You’ll also discover the benefits of face-to-face interfaces like Skype over more common alternatives like email.

Virtual Doc Sharing

Virtual workrooms and document sharing platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs are essentials when it comes to managing and coordinating your virtual team. Integrating them into your team management strategy allows for better organization, seamless approval of changes or updates, and easy sending of finished or updated documents.

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Get Together

Even when you’re managing a virtual team, it’s important to stay connected to one another on a personal level. You’ll learn how making it a point to get together in person on a quarterly basis for in-person meetings can keep your team cohesive. You’ll also discover the importance of buffering work with fun.

Set Boundaries

Staying connected is definitely important, but so is setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Expecting your team to communicate with you constantly at all hours of the day and night can lead to frustration for all involved. Learn why listening to your team and considering what they want in regard to communication is essential. You’ll be working together like a well-oiled machine in no time!

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