How to Manage a Remote Team as a Startup

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Here in the digital age, entrepreneurs and business owners are no longer limited to local talent when it comes to building a killer team capable of truly getting things done. Modern technology, superior connectivity, and the magic of outsourcing collectively allow you to work with people from all over the world. In this video, entrepreneur Dan Martell shares his five-step strategy for keeping even the most far-flung remote teams working like well-oiled machines.

Managing Remote Teams

1. Focus on Results

When you’re working with remote talent, it’s impossible to manage the minute-to-minute progress of each person’s ongoing projects. Instead, hire self-starters who work well independently while you stay homed in on the results.

2. Meeting Rhythms

Learn why a structured rhythm that includes both daily and weekly meetings is still important, even when working with teams that include remote members.

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3. Company Offsites

Never underestimate the impact in-person connection can have on any team, remote teams included. Explore how arranging even one get-together a year can make all the difference in how your team functions as a unit.

4. Collaboration Software

The right collaboration software is essential when it comes to keeping your team connected and communicative. Ensure everyone stays on the same page and is able to collaborative effectively in real time.

5. One on One Meetings

It’s not just group meetings that are important when you manage a remote team. Discover how one-on-one meetings can help you become better at gauging overall team effectiveness, as well as making sure individual needs are always met.

In many ways, it’s never been simpler to assemble a phenomenal team of talented aces when it comes to building your company. However, you do need to make a few adjustments to how you do things to keep everything running smoothly.

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