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Your business may have begun as a one-man effort, it can’t stay that way over the long haul if you’re serious about growing your company and seeing it reach its full potential. Not only is it impossible to take care of literally every aspect of running a thriving business yourself, but bringing other people on board helps bring fresh, new perspective to the table.

Hiring remote workers is an especially effective way to build your team quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank. In this video, superstar entrepreneur Evan Carmichael shows you how to take the guesswork out of the hiring process.


Help applicants connect with your company by giving them a thorough idea of what working for you is all about. Here you’ll discover how to compile a full list of job duties and expected tasks. You’ll also learn how to tailor your job listings to automatically weed out unsuitable applicants by:

  • Testing their attention to detail.
  • Testing their problem solving abilities, as well as their ability to take initiative.
  • Revealing key traits like personal work ethic, inner motivation, and creativity.

By following Carmichael’s advice, you’ll be able to eliminate up to 90% of those that apply for your open position right off the bat, saving you a fortune in time and money.

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Also covered is how to further zero in on the right candidate for the job through trial hiring. You’ll learn how to choose a task of the appropriate type and difficulty, as well as set the right time limit on completion and delivery of the project. Also discover how to evaluate the candidate’s performance and determine:

  • How efficient they are.
  • How honest they are.
  • How self-motivated they are.

The right remote talent for your company is out there just waiting to be hired.

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