How to Advance Your Career

4 Surefire Ways to Career Advancement

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Career advancement is not something that should be taken for granted. To maximize your chances of achieving career success requires planning and the employment of a variety of career-enhancing tactics that motivate executive management to promote you. The tips below detail 4 steps you can take to help advance your career.

Work Efficiently

Advance Your Career

In today’s business world doing more with less is essential. To advance your career, working efficiently is a must. This means that honing your ability to focus and learning to effectively manage your time are two highly important steps to take when it comes to improving your chances of doing well in your chosen field. Being able to focus intently on the tasks assigned to you increases your ability to do good work and complete tasks on time while avoiding being distracted by extraneous events or influences.

Given the propensity of many individuals to multitask in this day and age of continuous connectivity, you might think that this approach to getting things done would be recommended. However, the opposite is often the case when it comes to reaping the benefits of the ability to focus: working on just one thing at a time is likely to be more productive than trying to do several things at once. Thus, the ability to avoid distractions and zero in on the matter at hand can help you work more efficiently – which can help boost your career prospects over the long term.

Time management software can help support your focus and overall efficiency. It allows you to organize your time so that most of your time at work is spent productively. One aspect of effective time management that sometimes gets overlooked is learning when to say no. To complete your tasks in a timely manner, it may be necessary to turn down other work or invites to take part in extraneous activities. For instance, if you were invited to join a planning meeting for a future task that conflicted with work on meeting a deadline for a current task, declining the invitation would likely be the optimal course of action.

A key factor in managing your time effectively is writing down (or typing) scheduled activities. Whether you do this by hand or use a scheduling app, try to plan out as much of your daily activities as possible. This reduces time that might otherwise be spent trying to figure out exactly what it is you should be doing, and helps you avoid spending excessive time on a particular task because you can’t remember what it is you should be doing at any particular time.

Exceed Expectations

Whatever job you work at or type of employment you take, your success at achieving goals associated with your work will generally be the main yardstick against which you are measured. If you consistently exceed expectations, your performance is likely to boost your career advancement prospects. How can you accomplish this? There are a variety of approaches, including:

  • Under promise and overdeliver: When asked what type of results you can guarantee, be realistic but err on the side of caution. This improves the chances that you will be able to exceed expectations when achieving goals.
  • Set realizable objectives: In many cases, failures in business stem from trying to achieve objectives that were never realistic to begin with. To the degree it’s within your power, do your best to establish goals that are realizable. The ability to do this accurately is partly a result of experience, but it also can be honed by taking the time to research past activity and using this data to help refine your current estimates.
  • Prepare thoroughly: The road to achieving almost any goal in business often features a number of unanticipated twists and turns. The better prepared you are to deal with all of the issues associated with a project or task, the more likely you are to be able to handle with aplomb any such issue when it occurs.

Ask for Challenging Assignments

Regularly exceeding expectations when completing assignments can help position you for career advancement. Another method of setting yourself up for promotion is to develop advanced problem solving skills in order to take on challenging assignments. There is one caveat associated with this method: before asking to take on such tasks, make sure that you are reasonably likely to be able to achieve them. If so, requesting a chance to work on assignments of this type can prove an excellent means of boosting your career advancement opportunities.

How can you determine if you are likely to be able to successfully take on a task? One way is to sift through historical records to see if the task has been completed in the past or, if not, if other similar tasks have been. Data of this type can provide you with insight into whether the task is worth taking on.

Research of this type is also valuable in cases where you are asked if you’d like to take on an extra task. While you might normally be inclined to do so as a way of demonstrating your dedication to the company, if the task is one you are unlikely to complete successfully declining the invitation is likely to be the better course of action. If you’ve done the research which allows you to accurately estimate which tasks you can take on successfully, it will allow you to choose which invitations of this type to accept and which to turn down.

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Develop a Plan

While working smart, exceeding expectations, and taking on challenging tasks can help advance your career, developing a plan is essential to using all of these tactics strategically. A strategic plan for your career provides a roadmap which outlines the main goals and objectives you hope to achieve. Once you’ve established these goals, you can use the methods discussed above to help achieve them.

The most successful people know how to focus their efforts to maximize their productivity. A plan enables you to do this by laying out in advance the various steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Using a plan helps you stay focused even in the face of adversity or distractions which could otherwise prevent you from attaining your goals.

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