Six Great Ways to Generate Publicity Without Paying a Dime

Tips on getting your business known for free

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If you’ve been looking into marketing your company on a limited or non-existent budget, then you’ve probably come across public relations, or “positive publicity” as it’s sometimes called. And if so, you may have found exactly what you’re looking for: the promise of positive publicity without having to pay for advertisements. There’s just one catch, you’re expected to pay a public relations expert big bucks for that publicity.

Many of these experts do bring a lot to the table, so it’s hard to fault them for expecting compensation for their talents. However, at the same time, there are things you can do without paying an expert but still generate positive publicity. These marketing survival keys for SMB marketers should help you quite a bit.

Free Publicity

Write to Your Heart’s Content

This article was written, in part, to drum up some positive publicity. Indeed, much of the content on the web is written precisely for the same reason. Writers are looking to draw in readers, gain shares, and all the like.

These days, it’s easier than ever before to start writing. There are many platforms that you can write on for free or at a very low cost. Medium is a popular blogging website with a large audience, for example. Meanwhile, setting up a blog on your personal website is easy and will eventually draw in web traffic.

Build a Connection with the Community

There are many different community events. Townhall and city council meetings, local fundraisers, bake sales, social happy hours, trivia nights, so many choices. A lot of these events are also great for mixing with members of the community.

While you’re mixing, you can also let people know about your business and ideas. Just make sure that when other people are sharing their ideas that you listen. Who knows, you may find people to team up with or ideas you want to support.

Host Your Own Events

If your business is a professional service, why not host your own seminars or workshops? These events can become big draws over time. And no matter the type of business/organization you have, see if there are any events you can host or sponsor. By doing so, you can become a pillar of your community.

So why not reach out to other professional groups, industry meetups, and the like to see if they’d want to have an event at your place. In order to provide some extra incentive, you can offer them a cut of the sales or a discount.

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Be Giving

While you’re connecting with the community, you’ll probably come across NGO’s, social activist groups, and the like. If you find a cause that you think is worth supporting, then you should go ahead and support it.

Let’s say you own a cafe and a local student group is trying to raise money to clean up the local river. Why not team up with them to host a fundraiser? They could find local musicians, for example, and host a live music night. And at the end of the night, you could give them 50 percent of the concession money from the night.

Apply for Awards and Recognition

Did you know that roughly 75 percent of awards are actually free to apply for? When you see contests like “Best Web Designer in Chicago”, or “Best Digital Marketing Agency of 2019”, many of those contests are actually free to enter. So why not give it a go?

If you end up winning one of these awards, it could be a game changer. If you’re the best of anything in town, then people looking for burgers, coffee, or whatever, are going to be far more likely to swing by.

Of course, you should only apply for awards that you’re qualified for and fit your business. If you don’t design websites, obviously it doesn’t make sense to apply for a web design award.

Use Social Media Day In and Day Out

Social media is occasionally treated as a panacea. Just spin up the old Facebook or Instagram, post a few photos, and customers will pour in. That’s rarely the actual results. Social media is usually a slow burn, meaning it takes time to build up momentum.

However, once you do get said momentum, it can be quite the force. So, get on social media! Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin are generally the best social media platforms for small online businesses.

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