Five Common Brand Story Telling Mistakes

Tips on making brand story telling effective

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Brand story telling has evolved rapidly in the age of digitally connected consumers. However, it’s important to understand the art and science of brand story telling and to not simply treat it as a buzzword, like some companies do. That’s why we’re going to go dispel five brand story telling misconceptions in this article.

Once you cut through the fluff and focus on what makes brand story telling effective for many companies, you’ll add a valuable tool to your strategic tool box. Let’s dig in.

Brand Story Telling

We Don’t Have a Story Worth Telling

A lot of companies look at their business and think “you know, what we do is quite boring. Consumers don’t want to hear our story, it’s not worth telling.” Ninety nine times out of a hundred this is flat out wrong.

Consumers will be interested in hearing about your staff, ambitions, and journey even if your industry lacks sex appeal. And essentially every organization has its own unique strengths and angles. It’s just about putting those front and center.

Think about how many companies make cleaning products interesting. Cleaning products are great and all, but it’s not exactly the flashiest industry. And yet, many cleaning companies enjoy strong, effective brands and they are the living proof that with simple steps you can market any business!

Our Brand Should Be the Center of Every Story

On the flip side, some companies become so enamored with their brand that they can’t stop talking about it. And while talking about their brand, they talk only about their brand. They forget their customers and their needs. Or they forget the pain points that compel people to make purchases.

Balance is the key. Yes, you want to talk about your brand but it doesn’t always have to be center stage. Instead, try focusing on the customers or on other issues, such as natural disasters, lifestyles, etc. Adding variety will make you more compelling.

And when it comes time to talk about your brand, your audience will be more likely to tune in and listen.

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Your Product/Services Are Your Brand

Conflating one’s brand with one’s products and/or services is a common mistake. Even marketing professionals will sometimes mix them up. However, a brand goes far beyond your products and services. And your brand story is far more wide sweeping.

Your employees, office space, social media assets, customer service, company vision/mission, and everything else are all part of your brand. When it comes time to tell the story, you need to keep every aspect in mind.

Brand Story Telling is Just For the Marketing Team

Some CEOs and the like accept that brand story telling is an important and effective strategy. However, there is a tendency to leave the story telling to the marketing department. It’s their gig and their’s only.

Yet think about the greatest story tellers. Many of them create a cohesive brand story that spans the company up and down the ranks. Brand story telling is a part of their DNA, something that they don’t just talk about but an experience that’s also lived.

If you want to effectively tell a story, you have to go beyond the marketing department. Other stakeholders should be invested in the project, and ultimately, your story should come to be a part of your company ethos and culture.

Telling Your Brand Story is Too Expensive

Yes, marketing is an investment. And generally speaking, you get what you pay for. That being said, brand story telling can be quite effective. So while you’ll have to put up some money, there’s a good chance you enjoy great rewards.

You’ll build loyalty with customers, generate attention, and ultimately, garner more sales with brand story telling. While you have to monitor costs and track outcomes, brand story telling is not a money pit. It’s a tried and true marketing strategy.

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