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Easily Share Files Among Team Members in any Department for any Purpose.

Nuvro helps secure & centralize all of the mission-critical files your team needs to operate efficiently.

Use the Document Manager to share files unrelated to projects or tasks

Nuvro makes it easy to stay organized and to keep all your team members in the loop. Document categories can be shared with specific team members, your entire company, or you can choose to keep them private. Nuvro even makes it easy to collaborate on important files.

No more emailing files or juggling apps. Nuvro makes it easy to keep all of your files centralized in one tool

Enterprise-grade security keeps all of your data safe.

As a trusted cloud application, absolutely nothing is more important to us than the security of your data. Robust user authentication, daily backups and bulletproof servers guarantees nobody will ever have access to your files unless you want them to.

Nuvro makes it easy to consolidate all of your productivity apps, including cloud-based notes…