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Instant Alerts & Notifications

Stay in the loop with everything important in your business with automatic alerts and notifications.

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Notification Software

Familiar social media style alerts keep you in the loop

Automatic alerts for everything important, email notifications for everything critical.

Nuvro provides instant alerts for everything you and your team need to stay on top of:

  • Newly assigned projects and tasks
  • Shared notes
  • Shared company documents
  • Comments made to projects, tasks or documents
  • Updated projects and tasks
  • Document attachments
  • Project and task completions, cancellations & more
  • Direct messages sent to your inbox

Keep your team engaged with social media style usability. Using Nuvro will be second nature.

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Detailed activity feeds that don’t clutter up your work space

Unlike nearly all other project management tools, Nuvro keeps your detailed activity feeds tucked away until you need them.

This keeps your work space clean & clear so you can focus on your projects and tasks.

If you never click the Activity tab, you never have to see them.

Nuvro Keeps Everything Clean.

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