Project Management Features Your Team Needs

Nuvro has all the vital features needed for productive management of projects, tasks, documents and your entire team.

Easy Project Management

10k ft view of all your company’s projects and endeavors.
Our simplified big picture overview organizes all of the information you need to efficiently manage each project and all of the people assigned to it.
Project Management Calendar

Easy Task Management

Detailed view of all of the individual tasks needed to accomplish big things.
Efficient project execution often relies on many tasks, subtasks and sometimes sub-subtasks. Nuvro makes it easy to quickly create and assign these tasks to suitable team members.

Smart Workload Calendars

Visualize your entire workload in one glance.
Quickly see who’s working on what, what’s overdue and what’s coming due this week, next week and beyond.

File Sharing

With Nuvro you can easily share all files related to a project or task with everyone involved.
You can also share company files through a centralized Document Manager. Anything and everything your team might need access to.

Online Notes

Like Evernote, OneNote and Simplenote, only centralized within Nuvro. No more juggling apps.
Jot down your thoughts, ideas, lists and drafts and even choose to share some with colleagues while keeping others private.
Online To Do List

Personal To Do Lists

Like Todoist, Wunderlist and countless others, only centralized within Nuvro. Really, no more juggling apps.
Quick easy lists for small things that don’t need to be scheduled or shared, business or personal.

Alerts & Notifications

Familiar social media style alerts assure that you and your team are always in the loop.
Automatic alerts for everything important, email notifications for everything critical and separate activity feeds for everything else.
Nuvro provides instant alerts for everything you and your team need to stay on top of:
  • Newly assigned projects and tasks
  • Shared notes
  • Shared company documents
  • Comments made to projects, tasks or documents viagra koupit
  • Updated projects and tasks
  • Document attachments
  • Project and task completions, cancellations & more
  • Direct messages sent to your inbox
Social Notifications

Shared Inbox

Messages can be used as an easy way to communicate with your team, outside of projects and tasks and as a complete replacement for internal email:
  • Guaranteed deliverability
  • Accountability (nobody can claim your email got buried)
  • Everyone receives an in-app alert & notification
  • Referenceable at anytime by everyone
  • Running discussions displayed in context

All the tools your team needs to accomplish more.

Project Workspaces

Unlimited Workspaces

Project Management

Smart Projects

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Task Management

Smart Tasks


Sub Tasks

Task Dependencies

Task Dependencies

Task ETA

Task ETA

Recurring Scheduling

Recurrent Scheduling

Milestone Scheduling


Project Calendars

Workload Calendars

Document Management

Document Management

Online Notes

Sharable Notes

Team Management

Team Management

Guest Access

Client Access

Customer Support

Dedicated Support

Try Nuvro for yourself and experience how easy work can be