There's many options to choose from when looking for project management tools, but when you really start comparing you'll notice they all fall into only a few big groups:

You have your basic free tools like Trello and Asana's free plan. You have your less basic paid tools like Basecamp and your premium tools like Asana Premium. Then you have your enterprise tools like Wrike, Smartsheet and Monday. There's also the tools designed for software developers like Jira, tools designed for professional project managers like Liquid Planner, tools designed primarily for collaboration like Slack and then you have all the startups. These are the shiny VC backed tools that constantly change until they find the right product/market fit that will allow them to scale and exit.

Any of these can be good options if they fit your needs.

Nuvro falls into the premium group and we're the better choice for people looking for a premium tool without the ever-growing premium rates. We're far more feature-rich than Trello and Slack and have slightly fewer features than Asana Premium.

Nuvro is the tool of choice for many small/medium businesses because we're at the upper end in features but on the lower end of cost.

Asana Premium, for example, charges $11.99 per user per month and requires you to pay for at least 5 users. This means the cheapest way in the door is $59.95 per month. For Nuvro, it's only $7. If your team has 2 users it's only $14. If you happen to need the 5 users they require, you'll pay $59.95 for them vs $35 for Nuvro. Granted, they have more features, but they're not necessarily features everyone needs. When building Nuvro we did the research to make sure we offer the features that 95% of businesses regularly use. This helps Nuvro strike a unique balance of practicality, low cost and usability.

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