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Data Mapping Software Reviews

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With Ultradox for G Suite you can automate tedious tasks and create your own enterprise apps without hiring a team of developers. The unique combination of form builder, workflow and template engine allows you to merge, send and print documents, gene…

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Comidor Next Generation BPM Platform smartly connects people, things, data and processes to provide unique user experience and unparalleled business agility. Comidor is a Digital Business Transformation Platform which offers state-of-the-art technolo…

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM (former name – PRO) offers a professional set of drawing tools, templates, and object libraries. Furthermore, it delivers presentations that include dynamic displays of linked data, thanks to integrated Live Object technology; it …


This unique process-focused SaaS solution delivers informed process understanding, so organizations can quickly query, analyze, discover and monitor the ebbs and flows of their business, regardless of the supporting systems and process complexity…


PrivacyPerfect provides a natural flow between the three administrations required by the GDPR: DPIA, processing activities and data breaches. The software supports meeting controller and processor obligations, fulfilling data subject rights, and …

Delphix for GDPR

Data governance solution that helps your organization fulfill GDPR requirements by managing access policies, identifying and masking confidential data.


Its the perfect choice for all size companies, especially in the following fields: digital marketing, creative agencies, web development, IT & Software or legal. In a nutshell, elapseit covers the following: Resource scheduling Project Manage…


GDPR Compliance Software for Small and Medium Enterprises. We help with: 1) Records of Processing Activities 2) Vendor Management 3) DPO Supervision 4) GDPR Badges 5) DPIA 6) Consent Management


Making GDPR compliance simpler for UK smaller businesses. PYXI provides a useful and straight-forward framework for managing GDPR compliance in the UK. Includes: GDPR Compliance Record-Keeping Subject Access Request Management Data Breach Managem…


Personal data protection and governance solution that enables PIA automation, data mapping, data access tracking, and GDPR compliance.


A platform for data governance and catalog. Helps organizations find, understand and trust their data. Collibra supports both defensive (risk management) and offensive (value enablement) for your data. Curate your data, automate and scale steward…


Data privacy management platform built to help organizations comply with data privacy regulations including GDPR. Includes the tools for consent management, privacy impact assessments, incident reporting, etc.


TrustArc powers GDPR compliance and risk management with integrated technology, consulting services and a TRUSTe GDPR Validation, addressing all phases of GDPR program management. The TrustArc Data Privacy Management Platform provides the technol…

Agility GDPR

To reduce paper handling and ease the burden of manual transactions, the Agility GDPR software has been specially designed by experienced compliance and Data Protection professionals to ensure all actions are centrally controlled within the one s…

Exterro GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance solution designed to simplify searching, mapping, and managing personal data across your organization.

GDPR Manager

Online self-service tool for compliance with the GDPR legislation.

GDPR Software

The system is designed to help your organization through the GDPR compliance process and completion of the questionnaires make the company take a stance on all relevant aspects of the regulation. Following this, the gap analysis clarifies areas w…


nayaEdge is a comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and regulatory compliance monitoring. In helping organizations achieve GDPR compliance, nayaEdge facilitates the consolid…

Privacy HUB

A data privacy platform that complies with GDPR regulations and manages data privacy risks through web, social and mobile devices.


Compliance management software for SMEs that prepares your compliance project and provides online monitoring.

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