Double Your Productivity in One Day

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Contrary to popular belief, becoming more productive doesn’t have to mean sacrificing what you love about your life outside of work. With a little effort and know-how, you can make your work hours up to twice as productive, leaving you with a lot more quality time to spend elsewhere. In this video, Sean Cannell tells you how you can do exactly that in just five easy steps.

Double Your Productivity

1. Eliminate Interruptions

Did you know that when you’re interrupted during a given task, it can take up to 20 minutes to get your focus back on track? Simple moves like turning off your phone or locking your door during protected chunks of work time can save you up to two hours a day by making interruptions a thing of the past.

2. Get Organized

It’s estimated that up to 66% of workers waste up to 30 minutes a day looking for things they’ve lost. Learn how to leave squandered time in the dust by getting organized when it comes to your closet, your desk, your computer files, and more.

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3. Plan in Advance

Every minute you spend planning ahead can save you ten in execution later. Discover how starting each work day with a quick planning session can save you a fortune in wasted time throughout your day.

4. Nix the Internet

For most of us, the Internet is not only a tempting distraction, but a major time waster. Nip procrastination in the bud by taking the web and social media out of the equation altogether when you’re working.

5. Stop Multitasking

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking doesn’t help you get more done. In fact, it actually saps your mental energy and destroys your focus. Explore why putting a stop to multitasking when it comes to high priority tasks could be the smartest decision you ever make when it comes to your work. Get started today!

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