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What Digital Project Management Entails and how it’s Practiced

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As business has increasingly moved online, so have a variety of processes and procedures that previously occurred offline. One example of this phenomenon is digital project management, which uses software to enable the planning, tracking, and managing of a project from start to finish. It constitutes all the organizational efforts involved in the creation and completion of online-enabled projects delivered via screens or internet-linked devices. The practice is frequently used by agencies which operate digitally as well as internal web-based groups.

IT advances in recent years mean that managing a project no longer requires taking pen to paper to write up reports, making frequent visits to project locations or phone calls to project participants to check on a project’s status, tracking emails from various sources, or drawing and redrawing flow charts on a white board. In many cases, these functions can now be handled digitally.

Given the extensive management capacity built into DPM software, a digital project manager’s role can exceed that of a traditional project manager in terms of the scope of the manager’s authority and responsibility. Project management performed digitally often occurs in companies where the manager handles project deliverables and shepherds a project to completion without necessarily being responsible for day-to-day management of project staff.

This article explores in detail what digital project management entails and how it is practiced.

Benefits of Digital Project Management

Digital Project Management

A major benefit of digital project management solutions is their ability to identify the precise state of work on a project at any given time. This enables you to spot any issues as soon as they arise and take any necessary action in response, including notifying the applicable stakeholders. It also reduces the need for conducting frequent meetings to receive updates on the project.

Another benefit stems from the ability to store all documents, files, and images in software based in the cloud, allowing team members to download or upload items of this type without needing to send you emails requesting or containing the items in question. This speeds up work on the project by eliminating the delay typically associated with emailing back and forth.

With notes on the project kept in the same interface as other project material, you also reduce any confusion about feedback on different aspects of the project. Rather than having to sort through a variety of emails to find comments and other feedback on their work from different people, team members can find this information in one centralized location.

Duties and Skills of a Digital Project Manager

Duties assigned to a digital project manager often include the following:

  • Direct management of clients
  • Overall supervision of customer experiences
  • Conceptualizing and overseeing project strategy
  • Delivering acceptable project outcomes at each step in the process

To work as a digital project manager, a particular set of skills is needed. These include:

  • The ability to form a strategic understanding of how a project can be brought to fruition
  • Knowledge of the type of technology that should be used to achieve project objectives
  • Knowing what a successful project outcome looks like
  • Determining the estimated cost of the project and calculating ROI
  • Estimating how long it will take to complete the project
  • The ability to delegate authority when necessary

Different projects require the deployment of different skillsets of a project manager, making flexibility a major virtue for project managers, who need to be adept in a variety of disciplines to perform their roles effectively. The objective of the job is to discover the most efficient way to solve client problems and deliver results that meet or exceed client expectations.

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How is Digital Project Management Different?

Digital project management differs from the approach used historically by overseeing business endeavors using only online collaboration tools and processes. The practice encompasses the same broad duties assigned to a traditional project manager. It differs from IT project management in that it is generally utilized for managing projects that are not mainly concerned with the function of a company’s IT system. These often take the form of marketing projects or other events that can be managed entirely in the online realm.

Digital project management offers significant efficiency advantages over the traditional version. Eliminating the need to send letters, make phone calls, and conduct meetings give you the ability to coordinate project activity using a single centralized tool. This can improve ROI by significantly reducing the time it takes to manage a project.

Examples of projects that can be managed online include:

  • eCommerce
  • Digital billboards
  • Video games
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Branding campaigns
  • Video productions

What Tasks Do Digital Project Managers Perform?

Some of the tasks you may be asked to perform as a digital project manager include:

  • Create project reports
  • Perform quality assurance on project outcomes
  • Organize and direct project-related meetings
  • Scheduling and assignment of project tasks
  • Write-up proposals and deliver quotes
  • Keep meeting notes
  • Oversee project budgeting and scheduling
  • Report on project performance

What Processes Does Digital Project Management Use?

The processes used by digital project management mirror the major methodologies of traditional project management, with Waterfall and Agile being the most popular types.

Waterfall: This methodology approaches project management by constructing scopes and dividing projects into discrete tasks subject to milestones. It has traditionally been popular due to its ability to facilitate rapidly starting and developing a project and the ease with which it allows visualization of various project segments.

Agile: This methodology has been extensively developed in recent years to allow flexible collaboration. Unlike the more traditional Waterfall approach, Agile methodologies emphasize adaptability. This enables teams to react more rapidly to changing circumstances. With this approach, changes to a project suggested by a client or other interested party can more easily be accommodated at different points in a project’s life cycle. This methodology can offer better client outcomes by involving the client in a project’s development at each phase.

How Do DPM Tools Work?

Digital project management tools enable you to monitor and manage a project’s status in a centralized tool. Many of these projects connect to the cloud to enable remote operation and enhanced collaboration opportunities. Thus, with such tools, you can not only track a project’s status at any point in time but also communicate with team members and other interested parties.

DPM tools keep all project-related data in a single centralized repository, including images, documents, videos, and any related notes. The use of DPM software enables efficient project management by providing easy access to data that that would otherwise need to be gathered from separate systems containing emails, notes, and other project-related items. With work and associated comments in the same place, tracking a project’s development and attributing responsibility for different actions becomes much easier.

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