Content Shock and the Not So Shocking Reality of Content Marketing

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Content marketing has emerged as one of the more popular marketing methods. However, there have been some concerns over the years that content marketing may not actually be all it’s cracked up to be. Mind you, this article is a piece of content and is part of a content marketing strategy. So we’re not going to tell you that content marketing is useless or ineffective.

Content Shock

Content Shock

However, there are some legitimate concerns related to what’s called “content shock.” More or less, there’s so much content flooding the Internet that it’s hard to get a message through. And there’s so much content that people can be overwhelmed.

All the while, content can be expensive to promote. Not only might you have to pay someone to produce the content, but you might also have to pay people to read it. Just think about how much content is out there. Essentially every big brand seems to have its own media production team cranking out Youtube videos, blog posts, you name it.

And what’s especially aggravating for content marketers, a lot of the content is quite high in quality. If there was a quality issue, say lots of bad quality content flooding the market, the solution would actually be pretty simple: just produce better content. But here’s the thing, there’s been a deluge of quality content as well. These marketing survival keys should come in handy many times, remember them!

Content Strategy

So should you give up on producing content? Not necessarily. However, you need to have a content strategy in mind when you’re creating your content. And you need to be prepared for content shock. Understand right away that you’re stepping into a crowded market and you’re going to have to fight for every inch of space. Still, the battle isn’t hopeless. There are some strategies that still work.

For one, you can still produce “must-see” content. If you can establish yourself as an indispensable authority, or develop a firm emotion connection with your audience, you may be able to cut through the noise. Try being humorous or offer insights that no one else can. Or maybe you can connect on a personal level.

The other strategy is simply to produce a lot of content and win the search engine optimization wars. Content producers are constantly battling for space on the front page of Google. If you happen to get to the top of Google and other major search engines, you’re in a prime position to generate publicity without paying a dime and build a large audience.

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Find a Niche

Now you might have picked up on something with both of the above strategies. What you’re doing, more or less, is creating content shock yourself. You’re the one setting the terms and tone, and you’re forcing other content producers to react to you.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this, from a content perspective, is to find an unsaturated niche and to then fill it up with high-quality content. Then you keep producing content in said niche for as long as you can, regularly producing new articles, videos, and the like.

Content Shock in Social Media

Of course, along the way you can use certain technologies and opportunities to give yourself a better chance. For example, social media can be useful for reaching out to audiences. However, you can be certain that content shock is alive and well on social media as well. Just go open up your Facebook profile or check out a website like Reddit. There’s so, so much content there that it can be overwhelming. And that’s where you need to stand out. On a side note, check out some tips on creating epic social media marketing campaigns with amazing results.

Social media content too must be crafted with content shock in mind. Niche areas that aren’t too crowded offer the best opportunities. High quality content that readers will connect to can still help you cut through the noise. Still, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

The reality is, content shock is both the present and future. While some spaces might clear out a bit as lower quality and/or less successful content producers throw in the towel, you’re going to have to fight hard for every click and every read. So when it comes time to formulate your content strategy, make sure you’re ready for the tough road ahead.

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