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Password Management Software Reviews

  • Keeper for Business logo

Keeper for Business

Millions of people & thousands of businesses depend on Keeper’s password manager and digital vault to substantially reduce the risk of a data breach. Keeper is the world leader for securing passwords, documents and sensitive digital assets. With …

  • ADSelfService Plus logo

ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus offers password self-service reset/unlock, password expiration reminders, a self-service directory updater, a multiplatform password synchronizer, and single sign-on for cloud applications. Use the ADSelfService Plus Android and iP…

  • Zoho Vault logo

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is an online password manager for teams. It helps securely store, share, and manage your passwords from anywhere. With Zoho Vault, you stay organized while your passwords remain secure. Say goodbye to storing your important passwords on sp…

  • Devolutions Password Server logo

Devolutions Password Server

Devolutions Password Server (DPS) lets you control privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed on-premises. When used in combination with Remote Desktop Manager, DPS becomes the single pane of glass of a…

  • bolt logo

Bolt SaaS

If you are only using a VPN or cloud backup, you are still vulnerable! Our Complete Security Suite provides you with overall protection of your ecosystem via VPN, SmartDNS, unlimited encrypted cloud backup/storage, and password manager. Use Bolt SaaS…

  • KeyReel logo


The easiest way to keep all your password and login data organized, updated, and safely offline. With your phone as your personal virtual key, the only person in possession of all your passwords is you. No cloud server, no master password codes, and …

  • JumpCloud DaaS logo

JumpCloud DaaS

JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service is Active Directory and LDAP reimagined. JumpCloud securely manages and connects your users to their systems, applications, files, and networks. JumpCloud manages users and their systems whether Mac, Linux, or Windows…

  • TeamPassword logo


Password manager made just for groups, teams and business. Get set up in minutes with TeamPassword, the cloud-based, installation-free, secure password manager. Store new passwords to TeamPassword in seconds, control who has access to which passw…

  • PeoplePlatform logo


Web Active Directory provides a complete suite of web-based Active Directory management software solutions for your organization. Explore our products to learn how you can provision users intelligently, search, update, manage and report on Active Dir…

  • Specops uReset logo

Specops uReset

Specops uReset, is a next generation self-service password reset solution that provides authentication choice with over 20 Identity Services to choose from, weighted identity capability to increase end-user understanding of identity security, multipl…

  • Akku logo


Akku provides enterprises with complete control over data access and privacy on the cloud while ensuring that they stay compliant to statutory industry standards. Akku also comes with a 24×7 dedicated support service to provide hands-on deployment su…