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Marketing Automation Software Reviews

  • itracMarketer Logo


The next generation in lead generation and conversion – email marketing, CRM and more.

  • eSputnik Logo


eSputnik is a web-based Marketing Automation Service that allows you to manage cross-channel messaging campaigns Features for advanced eCommerce projects: – dynamic content changing depending on stock availability, geo, browsing history or by feed – …

  • Spyglaz Logo


Spyglaz is a predictive sales analytics platform that helps increase revenue from your current customers. Spyglaz uses proprietary predictive algorithms to analyze your sales data. Once analyzed, Spyglaz provides you with a list of leads most likely …


DailyStory is marketing automation made simple. We're a turn-key marketing solution that offers both a marketing automation platform and the expertise to help you successfully create your digital marketing solutions. In the platform you'll find just …

  • VYPER Logo

VYPER is a viral marketing tool that leverages gamification & incentivization to acquire leads, engagement, and traffic! We allow users to easily build contests and giveaways. Not only does it allow you to collect emails but you can also use t…

  • Mautic Logo


Open Source Marketing Automation with lead management, campaigns, dripflow, social media monitoring, landing pages, funnels.


ActiveConversion is the leading industrial conversion company in North America. We systematically help companies expand into new markets and mature in existing ones with our unique combination of software & services that help you generate, manage…


Max Traffic is a complete on-site marketing solution using web push notifications, exit intent and promotional overlays. We have over 3000 registered users around the globe who optimise their on-site marketing daily. MaxTraffic's dashboard supports A…


Bizible's marketing attribution solution allows B2B marketing teams to effectively track and optimize their efforts based on sales outcomes like revenue.

  • ContactPigeon Logo


ContactPigeon combines historical and real-time user web behavioral data to help engage, nurture and convert your website visitors. By personalizing each interaction in a more scalable way, we enable marketers to”unlock” more revenues from your web t…

  • Boingnet Logo


Boingnet is a Direct Marketing Automation platform for direct mail marketers, agencies and printers. Boingnet marketers develop powerful multi-channel with Personalized URLs (pURLs) that track response, personalize web and email channels and integrat…

  • Localytics Logo


Mobile marketing software that offers retention analysis, campaign attribution, lifetime value, and web analytics features.

  • Reactful Logo


Reactful is a real-time website optimization platform that triggers reactions to visitor intent. We help convert visitors that are “on the fence” by understanding their digital body language such as “confusion”, “interest”, “form abandonment” and muc…

HubSpot WooCommerce Integration PRO

HubSpot WooCommerce Integration Certified HubSpot Integration Provider helps the sellers integrate their WooCommerce store with HubSpot in just one click. This extension automatically creates best-practiced groups and contact properties and workf…


Messenger marketing software for e-commerce that automates customer journeys, generates leads and increases conversion rates.


Enables you to quickly and easily create ads for each and every one of your products through an automated process.

  • Datacrush Logo


We are the first Marketing Automation platform developed for LatAm. Create customer journeys, nurture leads, send email marketing campaigns, design landing pages, integrate with your ecommerce store and much more.

  • CoGoBuzz Logo


CoGoBuzz, powered by NConnections, provides Customer Engagement Solutions with On-Site & Off-Site Mobile Marketing Services. Automatically collect customer data, automate your marketing, boost your social media, and increase loyal customers by co…

  • OptiMonk Logo


OptiMonk is a solution which allows you to communicate a last offer to the visitors who are about to leave your site. The offer can be a voucher, a free survey, or simply an offer to sign up for your newsletter. The last offer appears at the exac…

  • Predictive Lead Scoring Logo

Predictive Lead Scoring

With nothing more than a name and an email, Infer is able to accurately predict which prospects are most likely to turn into great customers. Infer models the historical data sitting in your CRM system, as well as thousands of external signals mined …

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