Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Five Ways to Improve Company Culture

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Building a positive workplace culture starts at the top. It requires that company leadership pursue policies that promote constructive interaction and camaraderie among employees as they work towards a common goal. A positive workplace culture can provide a number of benefits, including boosting productivity and making it easier to attract and retain quality employees. The steps outlined below can help you promote positivity in the workplace, thereby positioning your company to reap the benefits that stem from establishing a welcoming and constructive company culture.

Acknowledge Contributions

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Positive reinforcement is an essential component of building a positive workplace culture. Your employees need more than just compensation to feel positive about their work environment. By acknowledging their contributions, you empower them to feel good about themselves and their work situation. Show gratitude in both material and personal terms. Thank employees for a job well done and, where appropriate, offer rewards or bonuses as well.

When this type of approach becomes second nature to you, it helps spread it throughout the company. As a leader who determines company culture, the example you set goes a long way in terms of impacting behavior among the employee base. Focusing on the positive when engaging in personal interactions at work is a powerful method of encouraging your employees to take the same approach. Letting them know they are appreciated and that their contributions are valued motivates them to do their best and helps create a constructive attitude at the workplace.

Encourage interaction

When people get busy at work, they may isolate themselves in an effort to get things done. However, too much isolation can be counterproductive – as social animals, we humans need a certain amount of interpersonal interaction on a regular basis. When workers lock themselves away to get work done, this lack of interaction can cause them to lose focus and get less done than if they pursued a more balanced approach.

To get them to take such an approach, encourage employees to take breaks on a regular basis. Such breaks are typically most productive when they include social interaction. To enable this, provide an office breakroom that makes it easy for your employees to relax and chat with each other from time to time. This can not only offer productivity gains by helping keep workers focused at work, but also foster camaraderie by increasing the opportunities for them to get to know and bond with coworkers. A company with focused and socially connected employees is much more likely to have a positive work culture than one without.

Inspire Purpose

In life generally, and in a workplace setting specifically, a sense of purpose is important. It helps motivate people to stick to a task or objective even when things get tough or immediate success is not possible. Simply assigning tasks will not inspire a sense of purpose. To get the most out of your employees and to build a constructive workplace culture, let them know how their activities make a difference. You can do this by explaining to them how the work they do benefits the company. Employees who feel that their work is valuable to the company’s success are likely to be more engaged and to work more productively. Giving them a sense of purpose helps build a company culture that is focused on achieving the common goal of achieving company success.

One method of instilling purpose in your corporate culture is to develop a company motto or set of values that help to unite company employees. Post the motto or list of values in a heavily visited area such as the lunchroom or on the company website so that company employees know what is expected of them in carrying out their duties.

Unleash Creativity

Fostering creativity can be an important component of enhancing your company’s culture. In the long run, it can serve to improve productivity by the impact it has on worker satisfaction and empowering employees to think outside of the box when it comes to developing new products or improving existing ones.

Excessive structure can have a dampening effect on creativity, making it important to review your company’s policies and procedures to ensure they aren’t so rigid that they stamp out any opportunity for creative input from employees. One way to motivate creative thinking is to provide employees with resources to manage stress at work and to offer time to engage in it. This could take the form of designated “creativity time” or workshops or meetups focused on group or individual creative expression and exploration.

Helping employees unleash their creativity can not only help create a more positive workplace culture, it can also directly benefit results by enabling your employees to take a look at company processes with fresh eyes. In today’s fast paced business world, staying on top of changing trends is a must. The more comfortable your employees are with being creative, the more likely they are to be able to come up with new ideas or methods to help the company cope with change.

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Encourage Personal Development

The happier and healthier your employees are in their personal lives, the more productive they are likely to be in their work lives. If your company encourages employees to take steps to develop themselves personally and professionally it can be a big help in generating a positive and productive work culture. People who are physically health and stress free are likely to be more positive than those who are not. If the company emphasizes personal well-being from the top down, it increases the chances that this philosophy will filter down through the ranks.

You can take a variety of steps to encourage employees to focus on personal development. One way to do this is to offer financial support or time off for employees to pursue career-related education. You can also design the workplace to support employee well-being by adding touches such as “chill” rooms where they can relax and destress. Offering employees access to a life coach or human development expert is another way to encourage personal development. The more fulfilled your employees are with their life, both business and personal, the more positive, and productive, your company culture is likely to be.

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