Want to be a Great Leader? Do These Five Great Things

Become a better leader by working on yourself

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Leadership is perhaps the most valuable and desirable skill in the world. Unfortunately, being a great leader is easier said than done. Great leadership requires effort and practice. Even natural-borne leaders have to hone and practice their skills over time.

If you want to be a good leader, you’re going to have put in a lot of work. However, with patience and effort, you can improve your leadership skills. The first thing you need to admit is that you’re almost certainly not a perfect leader. Mind you, you could very well be a great leader right now, but there’s almost certainly room for improvement.

So let’s go over some ways you may be able improve your leadership skills.

Be a Great Leader

Great Leaders Seek Education

If you want to be a great leader, you need to know what you’re doing. And one of the ways you can figure out what to do is through education. On the other hand, leaders who clearly don’t know what they’re doing will struggle to gain respect.

Whatever field you decide to go into, you need to study it and if possible gain hands on experience. A lot of great leaders know how to “wing it” or to “fake it until they make it.” Sometimes stretching beyond your capabilities is fine but at the end of the day, you need to learn what you’re doing.

Education can be your path to success. Study, then study some more. Know the details, grasp the big picture, understand the lingo. A bit of studying, including self-taught, can go a long way.

Excellent Leaders Know How to Share

One thing you need to do is learn how to share. When it comes to leadership, that means a lot of different things. For one, you should learn how to share credit with your employees. When something goes well, make sure you share credit with your employees.

You should also learn how to share your vision with your employees. Don’t make them fly blind. By sharing your vision with them, you put them in a position to help you achieve said vision. Share your goals as well. While sometimes it’s fine to play certain things close to the chest, it’s often better to to be open and honest.

Share your knowledge and experience as well. In fact, the more you can share, the better. You can become a thought leader within your own company.

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Great Leaders Know When to Delegate

Great leaders know that they don’t have to do everything on their own. In fact, great leaders recognize that they can’t do everything on their own. Delegation is vital. At the same time, you have to delegate in the right way.

First and foremost, you can’t micromanage. Most employees will hate it. Many will feel self-conscious and will be worried. This, in turn, can reduce productivity. Among other things, you’ll be interrupting their work constantly. On the other hand, when you delegate, your employees will feel empowered and respected.

At the same time, make sure you understand what your staff members can handle. Don’t throw them in over their head. That makes you look like a bad leader, and you’re likely to detrimentally impact your employees as well.

Keep Your Employees Motivated

Even the hardest working employees are going to lose motivation at some point. Maybe they are having trouble in their personal life or are being overwhelmed by work. A great leader will recognize when someone is struggling. And rather than beating them down, they’ll lift them up.

Encouragement, praise, or perhaps a bit of time off can go a long way. And while there’s no such thing as free lunch, picking up their tab every once in awhile can go a long way. Further, when an employee is down, do your best to be passionate and to not assign blame.

Great Leaders Lead By Example

There might not be a more common saying when it comes to leadership, but great leaders really do lead by example. A great leader doesn’t just ask someone to work hard. They work hard themselves. And a great leader doesn’t demand respect, first they give respect.

If someone needs to put in overtime, an excellent leader will be the first to volunteer. Likewise, if a leader wants employees to own up to their mistakes, said leader should be willing to own up to his or her mistakes as well. Employees will trust leaders who do as they say.

In another article on our blog you can find other quick tips for great leadership that’ll surely add up to your leadership background!

So make sure you’re walking the walk. Think about who you want your employees to be, and then be that person yourself.

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