How to Be a Better Manager

7 Tips to Improve Your Managerial Skills

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To be the best manager you can be requires hard work, diligence, and in-depth knowledge of your business and your people. The following seven tips can help you become a better manager by providing insight into ways you can improve your core managerial skills.

Choose Your People Wisely

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To excel, you need good people around you. No matter how capable you are as a manager, if the people surrounding you can’t perform their jobs adequately, you will find it hard to shine. In such cases, instead of spending your time trying to improve your team’s results, you are likely to find yourself forced to run around and put out fires on a regular basis, which is definitely not the optimal use of your time. When selecting team members, carefully consider not just their qualifications, but also their personality and experience to make sure they are right for the work you have in mind for them.

Seek to Inspire

The best work gets done when your team members collaborate and think of their job as more than just a way to earn a paycheck. To get them to perform to their full potential, inspire them by letting them know how essential their efforts are to the company’s success. People naturally draw inspiration from feeling they are involved in something bigger than themselves – linking their work to the company’s overall performance helps engender this feeling. You can help this process along by finding out what motivates your team members. Getting to know them as people, not just as employees, will boost your ability to come up with ways to inspire your people to perform to their full capacity.

Emphasize Teamwork

Even the most motivated employees will perform below their potential if they don’t work well together. Stress to your people that group success is more important than individual accomplishments. There are several techniques you can use to emphasize the importance of teamwork to your people.

  • Pitch in and lend a hand yourself from time to time. Demonstrating to your team members that you are ready to perform their tasks yourself is good for employee morale.
  • Schedule group meetings to discuss group objectives. Discussing your business objectives as a group helps to show employees that everyone needs to work together to achieve success.
  • Schedule social events to build camaraderie. These events can be designed strictly to offer an opportunity for your people to get to know each other better in a social format, or they can be team building events held at on on-site or off-site location. The more practice your people have working together the better they are likely to do when it comes to achieving business objectives.
  • Stress group goals. By emphasizing group achievement, you encourage your team members to work together to achieve goals rather than just focusing on achieving their own tasks.

Work on Your Communication

As a manager, it’s not enough to know the job inside and out – you also need to be able to communicate well with the people working for you. To make sure you don’t fall short in this area, work on your interpersonal skills just like you work on understanding and optimizing the various facets of your business. Part of being a good communicator is listening well. Rather than focusing just on how you can best deliver your message to your people, try to get their feedback as often as possible to improve employee buy-in for your department’s initiatives and objectives.

It’s not enough to know the job inside and out – you also need to be able to communicate well.Tweet it

Focus on Time Management

Even the best managers can find themselves falling behind if they don’t pay enough attention to time management. Developing effective communication skills and motivating your team members are key factors in being a good manager, but if you consistently fail to meet deadlines your company will find it hard to appreciate these other skills. There are a wide number of schedule management applications you can use to help you stay on top of milestones and deadlines. Bringing projects in on time is an essential function of an effective manager.

Develop Your Own Skills

While boosting your team members’ ability to work together to meet objectives is a crucial managerial function, don’t forget to pay attention to developing your own skills as well. The better you are at performing tasks that you assign to the people working for you, the better you will be at managing them effectively. Try not to get so caught up in your duties that you can’t spend at least some time every day or week working on further developing your skills and knowledge-base.

Avoid Burnout

As a manager this applies both to you and your team members. If you work people too hard the result is likely to be diminishing returns that saps their effectiveness. Make sure to schedule enough break time to ensure everyone can optimize their energy levels at work.

Another area to focus on in this regard is task rotation. Sometimes doing the same thing repeatedly can lead to burnout. Where possible, try to give your team members a chance to mix it up and work on different tasks from time to time. Apply the same process to yourself by focusing on various aspects of your managerial duties when possible, rather than plugging away at the same task so long that you get burned out.

Becoming a better manager doesn’t happen overnight. You should expect to devote considerable time and effort to improving your managerial skills if you are serious about optimizing your skill set. In addition to working on the areas mentioned in this article, it can also be helpful to learn more about various theories of business management. Writers like Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey and others have explored this subject in great detail. Many modern business approaches have developed from the writing of business management theorists, with Drucker among the most prominent in this regard. Taking the time to read some of these books can help you more effectively implement the managerial practices you employ on a day-to-day basis.

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