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What does the GTD organizational system and the beloved Volkswagen GTD have in common? GTD stands for “Gran Turismo Diesel”, meaning a blend of sporty style and long-term performance. The GTD organizational system is similar in that it started as a stylish new method of getting things done and held on as a reliable way of working for many productive people. It’s proven the test of time, just like the beloved VW.

If there’s one problem pretty much every success-oriented person has in common, it’s the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Everyone feels busy, but very few of those people actually feel like they’re actually moving forward. However, although you may think your problem is a lack of time, it’s actually a lack of space and freedom to think clearly.

In this video, productivity specialist, David Allen teaches you how to break out of your self-imposed busyness trap with the simple but effective five-step GTD (“Get Things Done”) system.

Getting Things Done


Here you’ll learn how to identify all the concerns in your busy life that are currently demanding your attention. You’ll also learn how to collect and capture them, so you can begin moving forward toward both short-term and long-term goals.


In this step, you’ll learn how to take the tasks and concerns you’ve captured and start processing what they mean as a collective. You’ll learn how to identify and let go of non-actionable concerns, as well as how to prioritize the tasks that are left.

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In this step, you’ll discover how to organize effective to-do lists and create action-oriented reminders. You’ll learn techniques for creating categories and deciding which items belong in each as well.


Discover the importance of not only referring back to your lists as often as necessary but reevaluating when needed as well. Also learn how to perform productive weekly reviews, update each list, and keep your mind perpetually thinking clearly.


Here is the step you’ve been waiting for – the step where you really put the GTD system to work for you, start taking appropriate action, and “get things done” at a pace that finally feels productive. Discover how simple and satisfying transforming chaos into order can feel once and for all!

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