Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Five Ways AI Will Dramatically Change the Workplace

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The robots are coming! The robots are coming! If you’ve been following technology news, you’ve likely heard about the impending AI-driven doom that now looms over the world. While AI assaults on mankind have been a favorite in the sci-fi genre for years, the topic has become much more mainstream over the past few years.

We don’t know if AI will make humans obsolete. It’s difficult to say what that would even mean. Almost certainly, some jobs will be eliminated in the coming years as AI becomes more prominent. Indeed, AI-driven robots have already replaced many assembly line workers and increasingly, humans are less and less involved in manufacturing.

AI in the Workplace

AI and robots are going to continue to reshape human society. In fact, many experts are predicting a “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Think of how fast technology has advanced over the past decade; over the coming decade it’s likely that the pace of technological development will only increase.

Artificial intelligence is going to be a big part of the increased pace of technological development, so let’s dig into how AI could dramatically reshape the workplace.

Understanding Why AI Has So Much Potential

Machines have been reshaping human society for hundreds and even thousands of years. However, up until recently, technology has generally augmented people, not replace them. A machine might make a person more productive, but the “ghost in the machine” has, up until now, been human. That’s no longer true.

Artificial Intelligence is starting to take on some typically human roles, including limited analytical thinking. Software has long been able to gather data, but now, AI can actually analyze data and then make changes based on that data. For example, AI-empowered software ads can automatically adjust to increase conversions.

AI isn’t going to stop there. In fact, artificial intelligence is already emerging in a wide number of industries and fields. Let’s look at where else AI is already having an impact or is likely to have one in the near future.

1. AI & Robots in Finance

The financial industry is immensely complex and there’s a whole lot of money at stake. Indeed, the global stock market alone has recently topped $80 trillion dollars in value. All the money involved creates a lot of demand and need for auditing and oversight, however, hiring accountants and finance experts is expensive.

If only there was a solution. A cheaper, effective brain that could work around the clock to monitor transactions, audit financial documents, and track data. Thirty years ago, this would have been a godsend and these days, it’s AI at work.

Of course, artificial intelligence requires an investment, however, studies suggest that AI can pay itself back in roughly 3 to 9 months.

2. AI Empowered Operations

Think about how much goes on in any given business. Supplies and resources flow in, products and services flow out. Countless hands and minds touch and influence everything. Offices and other facilities must be maintained, cleaned, repaired, and everything else. Teams from countless divisions need to coordinate efforts, share information, and otherwise cooperate.

This is just scratching the surface; business operations are immensely complex. Unfortunately, business operations are also prone to human error. At times, errors can grow costly and a mishap can shut down an entire operation. However, Robotics Process Automation is promising to revolutionize operations.

AI rarely makes “human” errors. Sometimes, AI can be incorrectly programmed, but that error can often be addressed quickly. More importantly, AI programs are engaging in self-learning and advanced AI programs can learn on their own. This allows them to correct themselves, and find ways to run operations more efficiently.

Combined, this should allow AI to both keep an eye on operations and to adjust processes when needed.

3. AI Enabled Customer Service

Customer service departments were one of the first departments to be outsourced. Fact is, customer service can be expensive, and many people simply don’t enjoy the work or the experience. Now, AI enabled chatbots and other software programs are starting to reduce the burden of customer service.

Using natural language processing, various triggers, and other methods, chatbots can now chat with customers via messaging and other applications. They can discover where a customer is having a problem, and in many cases, can offer a solution. Chatbots can also track complaints and other issues, providing valuable data for decision makers.

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4. Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Human resources, as the name suggest, are distinctly human so surely AI will play a minimal role in HR. However, artificial intelligence is showing a lot of promise when it comes to human resources. Indeed, many HR departments already rely on AI-empowered software to sift through resumes and perform other functions.

Perhaps even more importantly, AI is being used to gather data and track reports. Many HR departments are tasked with monitoring employee performance and other factors. Quite simply, this is a lot of work. AI, however, can gather the data and even offer basic analysis.

By automating mundane tasks, artificial intelligence allows us humans to focus on managing and working with human resources.

5. Artificial Intelligence Driven IT

IT experts are going to make up many of the people who oversee AI. Regardless, AI is going to play big roll in IT. Automation systems have greatly been reducing bottlenecks and other IT headaches. AI can also provide a helping hand when systems need to be migrated, updated, or otherwise changed.

AI is also showing promise for testing user interfaces, code, and other things. Indeed, AI can act like a human, testing software as a human might. Given how short-handed AI departments always seem to be, having AI on the team could go a long way.

Conclusion: AI Is Going to Have a Big Impact

AI is coming. In fact, it’s already here. Almost certainly, you’ve interacted with an AI program at some point or another, even if you didn’t realize it. AI is going to change how businesses do business.

Ultimately, AI is going to have a significant impact on human society and it’s possible that some of that impact could be bad, however, humans have worried about machines replacing us for hundreds of years. Often, new technological developments have improved society and our lives and this could turn out to be the case with AI.

Indeed, many of the artificial intelligence solutions currently being developed are automating and taking over the most mundane of tasks. Sure, there might be some reasons for some people to worry, but there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic as well. AI could become a wonderful way to manage tasks flawlessly.

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