A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

How to keep a good state of mind for maximum benefits

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A mind is too precious a resource to waste. Unfortunately, many of us are doing just that. Sure, we work hard to be creative, and to put our brain to good use, but are we maximizing our results? In some cases, maybe, but in other situations, not so much. Fortunately, there are ways to consciously improve our brain’s performance, which in turn can have a big impact on project management overall productivity as well.

Many people think that when it comes to the brain, what you have is the most you’ll ever get. While it’s true that the brain isn’t a muscle, it still can be trained and strengthened. Your brain can become more flexible through conscious, repeated effort. Let’s examine some methods for increasing your brain power.

Exercise Your Brain

Start by focusing on one thing at a time

Do you get stressed out when multitasking? Many people do. Thing is, multitasking might seem like you’re increasing productivity. After all, you’re progressing towards several goals at once., but multitasking can reduce your productivity substantially.

If you focus on one task, you’ll complete it more quickly. Then you can move on to another task. Let’s say you’re multitasking and working on five projects at once. If you cut down that workload to one or two projects, you will get through each task more quickly especially if you’ll consider taking advantage of a powerful project management tool. You might complete your five projects twice as quickly simply by focusing on one at a time.

When accomplishing any type of work, focus is very important. Not only will you complete the work more quickly, but the increased focus will likely lead to you to produce better results. Of course, if you reach that point where you’re losing focus on a task because you’ve simply stared at it for too long, feel free to shift to another task. Once you’re recharged, you can circle back and finish the first task.

Remember That Your Well-Being Should Be Priority Number One

Work can get stressful. Imagine this: you’re trying your hardest to plow through various tasks, but you’re getting worn down. We’ve all been there before. The more stressed you are, however, the less likely you are to maximize productivity.

Taking care of yourself, even if that means taking a break from your work, can increase your productivity in the long run. By taking some time off, you can recharge your brain, which will result in you getting through your tasks more quickly once you get back to them.

Don’t work yourself beyond your personal breaking points. If you’re feeling stressed and watching your productivity drop, take a breath. Take a walk through the local park, join a yoga class, engage in meditation. This will increase your well-being, which in turn will reduce stress and increase your brain power.

Plan Well and Get Organized

Some people like to work off the cuff. Planning and organizing takes time, so why “waste” that time organizing your work, instead of simply doing it? Sometimes, this off the cuff approach can work in the short-run. However, by spending more time organizing and planning, you can reduce stress and ensure that you’re always on top of your tasks.

A well-planned organizational system will help you cut down on time spent administering your tasks. Organization can also help you cut down on clutter. Is your inbox overflowing? Is your desk getting buried under paperwork? Organize it!

There are now a variety of digital task management tools you can use to organize various things. You can create digital check lists, organize your workflows, and set up milestones. Consider using digital task management tools to add an extra layer of organization and support.

Technology is a Friend and a Foe

We’ve all been there. You’re getting through your tasks, you’re working hard, but an interesting headline pops up on your favorite news source, or you get an update from your smartphone. Next thing you know, you’re distracted, and your work has been forgotten.

Consider turning off your wifi and powering down your phone from time-to-time. Getting away from your digital life, even if just for an hour or two, can help you focus on your tasks. This can help you save a lot of time.

Of course, in the modern knowledge economy, most of us rely on technology for our day-to-day work. I’m writing this article right now from a cafe, my web browser is open with several resources for me to pull upon. I need my computer to get my work done.

Consider dividing your personal digital life from your work life. Set up an email address specifically for your business and don’t let it get cluttered with personal stuff. If you can afford it, buy a work phone that you use strictly for business. Don’t install any games or apps that could distract you.

Make Sure Your Hobbies Are Engaging

Hobbies that require active participation are better for your brain than passive activities. We all need to unwind and step away from our work from time to time, but when you do so, consider engaging in something active. You’d be surprised at the number of fun, active hobbies you can engage in.

For example, instead of watching a movie or television, play a video game. Video games usually make you think. Your brain is getting a workout, but it’s enjoyable. Video games not your thing? How about reading a novel? Want something more active? Go join a local sports club. Or take a hike and observe your surroundings. What are the animals doing? Why are they doing it?

Conclusion: Focus on Focusing, Work on Working

Our brains are extraordinary. Just think about how much stuff the human civilization has created. By focusing on improving your brain power and taking care of yourself, you can improve and increase your own contributions to your company, family, and indeed, humanity as a whole.

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