A Method to x100 Your Productivity

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Did you know that in today’s world, the ability to focus effectively is actually infinitely more valuable than intelligence? We live in a world that’s filled with distractions. The key to being your most successful, productive self is keeping these distractions at bay and entrepreneur Robin Sharma tells you how in this informative video.

x100 Your Productivity

1. The 90/90/1 Rule

One of the best ways to send your productivity through the roof is to adopt this simple but effective rule. Decide right now that for the next 90 days, you’re going to spend the first 90 minutes of each work day 100% focused on your one most promising opportunity to shine in your industry. Then watch what happens.

2. Tight Bubbles of Total Focus

It’s estimated that the average person wastes over two hours a day on distractions and/or interruptions. What’s more, it takes 20 minutes or more to regain your focus once it’s been broken. Learn how setting aside dedicated periods of time for total focus in complete solitude can maximize your productivity.

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3. Be Selective About Peers

We really are who we hang with. If we surround ourselves with mediocre people who do the bare minimum and don’t mind cutting corners, it won’t be long before we adopt the same behaviors and value systems. Learn how giving your time to only focused, driven, high-performance people is the only way to go.

4. Learned Minimalism

Complexity may seem like the secret to genius, but it’s actually simplicity. Explore how adopting a minimalist approach to life and work may just be the smartest decision you ever make.

At the end of the day, success is all about focus and being choosy about where you spend your trinity of assets – focus, energy, and willpower. Get started on the right track today and prepare to discover what true productivity looks and feels like!

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