7 Tips for Getting Your SaaS More Customers and Greater Market Share

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When you’re the head of your own B2B SaaS (“software as a service”) company, you naturally want to increase your market share, as well as attract new customers as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, pricing plans that aren’t as solid as they should be can easily get in the way of your objectives. In this video, KISSmetrics offers some sage advice on how to create a winning sales strategy in seven simple steps.

Attract More Customers

  1. Eliminate Free Plans: Learn how dropping free plans and implementing a “freemium” structure instead can save you a fortune in time, labor, and money.


  1. Shorten Free Trials: Explore how drastically shortening the span of your free trial periods can lead to better conversion rates by also creating a sense of urgency.


  1. Up Your Prices: Many B2B startups make the grave mistake of setting starting prices too low. Discover how focusing on quality and performance early on can drive results and generate a reliable clientele base.
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  1. Offer Custom Enterprise Plans: Custom enterprise plans are your ticket to higher revenue and increased prestige. Unlock the secret to using them to attract high-profile clients.


  1. Offer Prepaid Contracts: Customers that love a service jump at the chance to purchase prepaid annual contracts. Make them part of your business plan to build lasting relationships with your clients.


  1. Charge for Support: Find out how offering premium-grade support for a price inspires greater confidence in your clients than simply offering it for free does. Save time and avoid wasting your valuable resources.


  1. Nix Big Discounts: Many startups also make the mistake of offering too many discounts that are too large. Discover how avoiding the temptation can help you grow your business and attract the kinds of clients you really want to be selling to.

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