6 Crucial Reasons You Should Hire A Millennial

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Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to the workforce. It's not uncommon to hear “these kids don't understand what hard work is.” In some ways, it's true that millennials will never have to work as hard as our grandparents did, and that's a positive thing – laws have been enacted to help employees experience better working conditions.

But the “entitled” and “lazy” descriptions my age group has been marred with aren't usually accurate, and millennials aren't kids anymore; the notation applies to people born as early as 1981. Here's why you should keep the door open to inviting millennial employees into your business.

Hire Millennials

1. They're Technologically Savvy

They're not quite as social media obsessed as Gen Z, but nearly every millennial has the wherewithal to navigate every social media channel and edit a webpage with ease – and they're in tune with what each channel of media is really used for. Technology has been a part of millennials' lives from a young age; it's not difficult for them to pick up on how to utilize different programs such as Photoshop or MailChimp or run your social media accounts that will help your business grow. In order to keep up with the changing landscape of business, you'll have to be at the forefront of technology, and having a younger person in the office to help achieve that can be priceless.

2. They Know Your Customer

Take a look at who you're trying to reach. Your consumer demographic may be right in line with a millennial's age; they're actually coming into their prime spending age, where your product or service will probably be of interest to them. This means that employees of the same demographic can help your business reach the clients you're looking for in a meaningful and efficient way. No one understands a customer's needs more than someone just like them.

3. They've Mastered Work/Life Balance

In years past, it wasn't uncommon for a parent to be missing from major events of their child's life because they had to work. That's not an option for many parents today. Where in years past a personal life wasn't something an employer needed to be concerned with, millennials have forced the business community to make their employees' personal lives a priority. Employers may think that this goes against the work ethic they're looking for, but in reality, it makes an employee happier and more productive while they're at work. When work/life balance is achieved, employees have better attention spans and are more efficient at the work they're doing. Less disgruntled employees makes for a better working environment for everyone. Maybe you'll even pick up some pointers on achieving better work/life balance for yourself.

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4. They're Flexible

If your business is looking to utilize an unusual schedule, such as a four day workweek, working remotely, or a different work time than the usual 9-to-5, this isn't a problem for millennials – in fact, that's a perk to them. You can make a work schedule that suits the needs of you and your business, and make their schedule around that. You can even scrap having an office bill altogether and have a team comprised of completely remote members from all over the country – allowing you to save money and hire talent from anywhere you want.

5. They Give Back

This age group is great at keeping social responsibility at the forefront of their lives, and that can be a great asset to your business. Staying involved in volunteerism will help you to become a recognized local business that does good for their community. Millennials will not only do the work alongside you, but they'll enjoy it, they'll talk about it on social media, and they'll be excited to be a part of a business that makes giving back a priority.

6. They Support Businesses Like Yours

Unlike Gen Z who does a majority of their shopping online, millennials still shop at brick and mortar stores, and they love to support small businesses, willingly spending more in order to support them. Understanding and appreciating the value of small business is an essential quality in an employee, and they recognize the importance that small business plays in our country.

The Future of the Workforce

Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. If you find the right millennials to hire, your business is bound to grow professionally and strategically. Logically, you're going to be hiring a millennial at some point; it's best if you start now and begin to reap the benefits.

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