5 Simple Steps to Market Any Business

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Even drastically different products and services have more in common than you think when it comes to marketing. In this informative video, photographer and entrepreneur Tyson Zahner shares how you can successfully market any product in five simple but effective steps.

Market Anything

1. Planning: Identify Product Benefits

Start by identifying what your company’s product or service brings to the lives of your clientele. What problems does it solve for your customer and how does it benefit them to choose your offering over the competition’s? You’ll also want to examine which emotions your product may trigger, as people buy based on emotion.

2. Planning: Identify Your Audience

You’ll also want to pinpoint who it is you’re marketing to. Picture your ideal customer and list all the different traits they possess. Then think about where and how you’ll connect with that type of person (e.g. social media, print advertising, conventions, etc.)

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3. Action: Create

In this step you’ll learn how to attract members of your target audience to your product. You’ll discover how powerful special offers, giveaways, and contests can be, as well as learn how to leverage them to your business’s advantage.

4. Action: Capture

Use offers, events, social media campaigns to encourage your potential customers to complete an action (such as signing up for an email list or referring a friend). Then generate leads from the lists you create.

5. Action: Convert

Finally, you’ll learn how to complete your sales funnel by converting your leads into completed transactions and paying customers. Most people need to be exposed multiple times to a product before they pull the trigger and buy. Learn how to lead them in the right direction.

Your company’s next star product is just one smart, savvy marketing plan away. Get started today and keep your business’s bottom line growing!

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