5 Marketing Survival Keys for SMB Marketers

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When you’re the head of a small to mid-sized business (SMB), your company’s needs are going to be different from those of a massive corporate giant, especially when it comes to marketing. Every opportunity, block of time, and pair of hands counts if you’re serious about ongoing lead conversion! In this video, marketing expert Alba Vargas shares five critical survival keys for SMB marketers.

Survival Kit for SMB Marketers

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  1. Well-Defined Goals: SMB marketers really need to focus their efforts where they count most, so every goal should be measurable, relevant, and – most importantly of all — achievable. All marketing efforts should move the company forward toward one of those preset goals.
  2. Goals Set by Marketers: When the marketing department identifies and sets its own goals (instead of the CEO or sales director), those goals are guaranteed to be in synch with the inner workings of that team.
  3. Know Your Resources: Make it a point to know and identify everything you will need to meet your goals right up front. Is it time to hire more staff, invest in better software, or shop for new office equipment?
  4. Communicate Internally: Communication is never more important than when the livelihood of your business is at stake. Solid marketing professionals always cover their bases and make sure everyone’s on the same page every step of the way.
  5. Prioritize: Successful SMB marketers know they need to focus the bulk of their efforts where they’ll do the most good. Prioritize important tasks, large (but quick) wins, and leads that carry the most promise for the future of your bottom line.

At the end of the day, your business doesn’t need to be humongous in order to achieve impressive levels of success. Finetune your marketing plan today and watch your company’s future grow brighter by the day!

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