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Easy Project Management

Like working in the same office

Really, Easy Project Management

Nuvro delivers peace of mind by helping you get more done in less time.

Nuvro is refreshingly simple and goes far beyond just projects, tasks and collaboration. With Nuvro, you’ll also have a clear overview of everything important in your company including the past, current and future workload of every team member. Nuvro gives you visual progress monitoring, individual performance reports, collaborative document management, a smart internal messaging system and more.

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Smart Team Management Tools

Help everyone on your team be successful

All the tools your team needs

Project Workspaces

Unlimited Workspaces

Project Management

Smart Projects

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Task Management

Smart Tasks


Sub Tasks

Task Dependencies

Task Dependencies

Task ETA

Task ETA

Recurring Scheduling

Recurrent Scheduling

Milestone Scheduling


Project Calendars

Workload Calendars

Document Management

Document Management

Online Notes

Sharable Notes

Team Management

Team Management

Guest Access

Client Access

Customer Support

Dedicated Support

Work can get complicated. Stay organized with Nuvro

Tasks are all about the granular details and without thoughtful organization things can get out of hand, fast. Nuvro handles this for you by providing a single page view with everything you need to tackle any project.

Clean. Simple. Efficient.

Easy Project Management